Who We Are

Hey! I'm Shelley, and I'm here to take your travel experiences to the next level! As a travel consultant, I specialize in three areas: destination weddings, romance travel, and group travel. Let me give you a sneak peek into what I do!  Destination weddings are my absolute passion.  Whether you dream of saying "I do" on a white sandy beach or in a charming European vineyard, I've got you covered. From finding the perfect venue to arranging accommodations for your guests, I'll make your special day unforgettable.   Romance travel is all about creating those magical moments for couples in love ❤️. Whether it's a romantic getaway to a secluded island or a luxurious spa retreat, I know how to set the stage for romance. Let me help you plan the perfect escape with your significant other.   Group travel is another area I excel in! Whether you're celebrating a milestone birthday, organizing a corporate retreat, or simply gathering your closest friends for an adventure, I'll handle all the details. Sit back, relax, and let me create a memorable experience for your group.   With my extensive knowledge and experience in these areas, I'll provide you with personalized recommendations and insider tips that you won't find in any guidebook. I'll ensure every aspect of your trip is meticulously planned, so you can focus on making memories that will last a lifetime.  As your travel consultant, I'll take the time to understand your unique preferences and tailor your itinerary accordingly. Whether you're a beach lover, culture enthusiast, or an adrenaline junkie, I'll curate an experience that suits your taste and exceeds your expectations.  Planning a destination wedding, a romantic getaway, or a group adventure can be overwhelming, but don't worry, I'll be there to guide you every step of the way. From the initial consultation to the moment you return home, I'll be your trusted travel partner.   So, if you're ready to embark on an incredible journey, reach out to me, Shelley, your go-to travel consultant! Together, we'll create memories that will last a lifetime. Just sit back, relax, and let me handle all the details. Your dream vacation awaits! ✈️🌍💫

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